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Akrapovic Titanium Slip-On Muffler

The Akrapovic Slip-On system is designed for recreational riders and delivers an outstanding combination of performance, design, and durability plus the well-known Akrapovic quality, ease of installation, and genuine affordability. It is made entirely of titanium. Features a more durable welded bracket and titanium end cap

Features include:

  • Entirely of titanium
  • Delivers an outstanding combination of performance
  • Durability plus
  • Power: +1.0kW @ 6350rpm
  • Torque: +1.5Nm @6450rpm

When being used with the Titanium Header Pipe (90798-31811) the following advantages are given:

YZ250F & WR250F

  • Power: +1.5kW @ 6250rpm
  • Torque: +2.1Nm @ 6300rpm
  • Weight: -0.5kg less than stock


Item Code: 90798-31809
Sale Price: $832.05
Retail Price: $832.05


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