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15″ High Output Halo LED Light Bar

This all new LED light bar is the industry’s first and only SxS Halo LED Light Bar

Features Include:

  • The signature LED halos provide vehicle illumination and indication in nearly all riding situations
  • 10W Cree LEDs, 0.4W LED halos
  • 50,000 hour life span
  • Aluminium extruded housing
  • Custom Yamaha end caps and front covers
  • Flexible mounting base with lateral mounting capability
  • Vehicle wiring harness with roof grommet
  • Illuminated 3-position switch
  • Low power “Halo Only Mode”
  • Halos can be used as daytime running lights (optional always on)
  • Offers increased vehicle visibility on the trail and both near and distance illumination
  • Beam configuration: 2 Flood, 4 Spot, 2 Flood (15″)
  • Dimensions: 15″ Light Bar 14.96″W x 2.48″H x 3.89″D
  • Includes mounts
  • Accessory Alternator Kit (2HC-H1200-V0) required for installation
  • Optional Switch Panel Kit (2HC-H2570-V0) also available separately

Item Code: 2HC-H4104-P0
Sale Price: $1340.80
Retail Price: $1340.80


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