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Life’s Better With Polaris Genuine Factory Accessories

Forget about cheap imports.  Genuine, functional and built for purpose accessories made by Polaris are engineered to enhance their vehicles, so you can always expect a precision fit and superior performance.

You can customise your own Polaris with our huge range of high-quality accessories which include:

  • Full Poly Doors
  • Fully Sealed Cabs
  • Clear Doors
  • Half Poly Doors
  • Canvas Doors
  • Half Steel Doors
  • Front & Rear Screens
  • Flip Up & Flip Down Screens
  • Additional Lights
  • Rack n Stack Storage Solutions
  • Winches
  • Tow Bars
  • And Much More…

Polaris side by side screens

Next level of comfort and protection for a Polaris off-road vehicle comes from having a windshield. Whether you’re after a full glass windscreen which provides safety and comfort a Poly scratch resistant pop up screen, pop down screen or a half screen, there’s an option to suit every preference. And naturally there are also rear screens available, all featuring the famous lock and ride system.

Polaris side by side roofs

Polaris make a range of roofs for all models and caters for all applications. The popular Sport Poly roof is available in 2 designs. A premium version which comes with a liner which will help keep you insulated from the harsh weather and one without a liner. Polaris also manufactures a tough Steel roof and a Camouflage roof which is perfect for hunting.

Polaris side by side doors

Polaris have an extensive range of side by side doors. They’ll keep you safe while helping to keep out branches, snakes and livestock. There are doors to suit all climates, conditions and budgets. From low cost, canvas doors with zip down windows and tough steel doors to stylish Poly half doors which are available in a variety of colours and designs, you’ll be impressed with their quality and function.

Not sure what accessories you need? Don’t worry our expert staff are happy to talk you through all your options and then recommend the best accessory to meet your requirements.

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