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Forget Quad bikes, the Polaris Ranger 500 is way out in front

The ideal side-by-side vehicle for the farming community of the Highlands, the Polaris Ranger 500 is one of the best vehicles of its kind on the market. In its basic form, there’s a lot to like. From its excellent tilt tray and comfortable cabin to its protective roll over safety feature, you’ll enjoy driving this workhouse across any terrain.

Built tough

The two-seater Ranger is famous for its reliability and durability. Built tough, it can conquer hills, valleys and mountains. Its performance and design make it nimble, maneuverable and lets you get in and out of the tightest locations.  From sitting behind a mob of cattle for hours to chasing those breakaways, the mighty Ranger 500 can tackle it all.

With 4-wheel drive, hydraulic disc brakes, class leading suspension, loading and towing and a powerful ProStar 500cc engine, the Ranger 500 really is the ultimate workhorse. It won’t let you down.

Whether you’re on the smallest acreage or run a large property, the Ranger 500 will get you across your paddocks efficiently and safely. For productivity, fun and adventure, the Ranger 500 runs rings around quad bikes. There’s no competition.

Great value for money

You can pick up a Polaris Ranger 500 for about the same price of a good quality quad bike. It represents genuine value for money and if safety is important to you, you can rest assured knowing it meets the highest standard.   

Come and check it out for yourself. Our expert sales staff at Central Bike Centre look forward to discussing its features with you.

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